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We recently held a webinar about how to be intentional at Christmas with our Disciplemaking strategy.

Brad, thank you for sharing how you used your Christmas Makers Market to “Connect” with your neighbourhood, and how you thought about the design of the market – with activities for kids and spaces to chat to parents to find out who might be interested in Playgroups and other families’ ministries to grow your church.  We are very aware that we need to value and nurture families to keep a church healthy.  I am so encouraged that over the last year you have seen fruit from the market and the other training you have done – I was at one of your family services this year with a puppet show that had over 50 children attend and you even have waiting lists for your playgroups!

Liz, I loved your sharing about how you trained and mobilised Christians in your neighbourhood to reach out to others – Christmas is such a gift as everyone one knows about the secular side of the holiday and is a great opportunity to connect and  gently share Jesus’ story.  You shared some simple ways to reach out to friends and neighbours that we all can do.  I know how children help us connect with others in our community and how you did this and trained others to do it intentionally.  Who doesn’t love to receive a Christmas Cookie made by children?


If you would like to listen to the webinar again, missed it or have people that you would like to share it with the recording can be found on:

Passcode: 1C40g!rm

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