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Blog entry by Fiona Dunn

We are excited to launch our webApp.

The Four with Pastor Skar

The Four is a simple way to combine online outreach with personal witnessing. uses 1-2 minute videos to present the gospel in four points. Three versions of the presentation broaden its appeal. 

Signing up for a client code allows you to promote the site through social media and digital channels to your local community and follow up those who respond.

In addition, the is available as a wristband to empower personal witnessing.

There are also branding resources available to include TheFour symbols on posters, flyers, t-shirts, etc.

TheFour has proven to be an effective way of engaging a local community and surfacing spiritual interest.

Combining a social media campaign with mobilised and equipped local Christians creates even greater momentum and results.

Learn how to use by accessing our Free TheFour course

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