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Anyone in the world

Who are you sharing the Gospel to?  

We all want simple ways to share the Gospel with our friends, people we know or as part of our ministries out-reach. provides a simple way to do this.  You can choose three different people - from different backgrounds and perspectives.

Nick is an Australian uni student, Yalena is a uni student mentor and Pastor Ska is a gamer - Who would your friend relate to the most?

Watch our webinar about Digital Ministries to learn more about TheFour and the perspectives each of the presenters use.

Power to Change Digital Ministries Webinar


Learn how to use TheFour effectively in our free training course HERE.

Did you know we can set up TheFour for your ministry?  You can have a specific link  - where the responses to your presentations of TheFour can be sent to you so your ministry can follow up, answer questions and meet people where they are to help them know Jesus. 

Just fill in a request for a Church Console HERE.

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