Movement Builders Coaching


Coaching SHIFTm2M, MyFriends, and OurGenerations graduates to become effective disciple-making practitioners who work towards creating spiritually transformative cultures wherever they are sent.


We exist to serve the local church by empowering Church Movements trained believers through coaching.

Why coaching?

Benefits of Coaching - International Coaching Federation

What is Movement Builders Coaching?

Movement Builders Coaching offers two levels of coaching for your specific needs.

1.      Mentor-Coaching is designed for those who have graduated from My Friends and/or Our Generations training

Our Mentor-coaches are My Friends trained practitioners. Although not professionally certified, all Mentor-coaches have completed foundational coach training, participate in ongoing skills development, and are living the My Friends lifestyle.

2.      Preferred Professional Coaching is designed for those who have graduated from SHIFTm2M training

Professional-level coaches are professionally certified, have received SHIFTm2M training, and are experienced in building movements through the SHIFT 5-movement phases. Our coaches are prepared to use their specialised skills to help you move forward in creating disciple making cultures in your unique ministry setting.

The limits of good intentions

No matter what type of training, people genuinely intend to use what they will learn. Unfortunately, once the training ends, intentions to continue can quickly fade when busyness, distractions, and life pressures hinder our way forward. Receiving training with Church Movements is no different. As one senior pastor lamented,

“I did not apply what I learnt after completing training. I needed encouragement with a coach”

Pastor, Seventh Day Adventist Church

Good intentions + Coaching = Good outcomes

Our coaches will walk with you on your path to becoming a disciple-making practitioner. They will not act as experts with all the right answers. Instead, they will seek to empower you with the ministry knowledge and experience that you already possess. Coaching towards self-discovery leads to energised self-motivation and positive outcomes.

“Without coaching, I would have fallen away. I needed the support of others.”

Pastor, Anglican Church 

You do not have to walk alone

With a coach, you can expect a partner who will commit to your personal growth and movement forward within your ministry context.


FAQS section

What is the cost?

Mentor-coaching                    Time commitment (donations are appreciated)

Professional coaching             $120 ph 

How long is the commitment?

Research shows that it takes months to process new knowledge and training experiences toward lasting personal and ministry formation. Because we are committed to your success, a 6-session (1 session/month) commitment is standard. More sessions can be added after the initial 6-session package upon evaluation.

How often would we meet?

Coaching sessions will occur on a monthly schedule, decided by the coachee and coach. Meeting monthly will allow you time to implement your coaching session outcome objectives.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Approximately 60 minutes/session.

How is coaching different from the training I already received?

Your coach will not act as another trainer with new training, nor advise or tell you what to do. Instead, your coach will seek to listen and ask open, insightful questions to help activate what you’ve already learnt. Coaching reveals hidden fears, broadens perspectives and creates more options to help you move forward towards your ministry objectives.

What is a “Mentor-Coach?”

A mentor is someone who is usually older and experienced in a specialised field. A good mentor is someone you can trust for honest feedback and wisdom from someone who’s been “down the path”. Our goal is to blend mentoring with coaching in order to offer you someone who can share wisdom while empowering you with insightful questions as a coach.

I just completed my training but I’m not ready for coaching now. Can I start later?

Yes! As long as you have completed one of our trainings, you can request a Movement Builders coach. Ask for a no obligation consultation.

Can I choose to be coached by a Mentor-coach instead of a professional coach?

·         Mentor-coaches have received My Friends training and are equipped to help My Friends and Our Generations level graduates; therefore not suitable for SHIFTm2M graduates.

·         Professional coaches have received SHIFTm2M training, designated to help SHIFTm2M graduates.

There may be exceptions. Please give us a call to discuss your question further.

For more specific information

●       Click for information on how to apply for an Approved Mentor-Coach

●       Click for information on how to apply for a Preferred Professional Coach