MyFriends Training - KPCC 

Discover God with your friends

We are passionate about giving Australians the opportunity to know Jesus personally. Many Aussies are interested in spiritual things, but have little desire to visit a church. So how can they get to know Jesus?
MyFriends helps everyday Christians develop a lifestyle that creates opportunities for their friends and family to discover God’s story together. We are a community that intentionally loves, prays, cares, and shares Jesus with our non-churched friends, family, and colleagues. We’re trusting that Australians will experience Jesus and be ready to discover God’s story together, in their own communities. 

We’re inviting anyone who wants to see their communities experience and know Jesus to participate in this adventure. Let’s see every community across Australia know Jesus! We recommend that you bring at least two friends with you on the MyFriends journey. Learning in a community is far more fruitful than treading the path alone. 

MyFriends Training is held over nine weekly - 1.5 hour sessions.

When: Thursday Evenings 7.30pm to 9pm
Start Date: 21st September 


MyFriends Training is delivered using a hybrid model. Multiple small groups gather face-to-face or online and join their trainer via Zoom. The training material is in a digital format for easy viewing on any device. Some materials are available to download as printable PDFs. In addition to the training sessions, participants will have some personal.

We ask the members of each training group to create a MyFriends WhatsApp or Messenger group to share prayer points, stories, and ask questions.